• Tomato and eggplant salad sprinkled with pumpkin seed
    Crispy eggplant, fresh tomatoes, tarragon, mint and pumpkin seeds, sweet chili sauce dressing
  • Grilled chicken breast salad with grapes and Armenian herbs
    Served with plum sauce
  • Green salad
    Cucumbers, courgette, avocado, fried seeds served with apple and celery sauce
  • Tuna salad
    Fresh tuna salad with gorgonzola and dried tomato dressing
  • Warm beef salad with spicy soy dressing
  • Salad with oyster mushrooms, goat cheese and mixed greens
    заправляется красным песто
  • Mushroom soup with bulgur
    Served with sour cream and garlic
  • Vegetable cream soup with chicken
  • Sweet potato soup
    Served with fresh broccoli
  • Summer Gaspacho
    Served with avocado tartar
  • Trout fillet with wasabi mashed potatoes
  • Striploin steak with pepper mushroom sauce and thyme
  • Pork loin with lori cheese and baked apple
  • Chicken breast steak served with kotem sauce
  • Spelt risotto with wood mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and hemp seeds
  • Ravioli stuffed with soft cheese and tiger shrimps
    Served in a sauce made of cherry tomatoes, olives, pine nuts and mint
  • Suluguni cheese in curry sauce, with rice and lentils
    Served with spirulina flat bread
  • Grilled “Karmrakhayt” local river fish with coconut milk curry
    Served with batata (sweet potatoes)
  • Roast potatoes with rosemary
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Grilled Chinese cabbage with aromatic sauce
  • “Smetannik”
    Honey shortcake layers with sour and double cream
  • Signature Gayane’s cake
  • Peach pie with shortcrust pastry, custard, cardamom and pecan nut
  • Blueberry brownie with yoghurt cream and filo pastry on top
  • Avocado matcha cake
  • Hummus with spicy chickpeas and lavash
  • Beef carpaccio with fried grape leaf and truffle oil
  • Burrata cheese with tomato cream and yellow pepper marmalade
  • Bresaola with soft cheese, cashews, herbs and traditional “doshab” sauce
  • Spinach waffle with oven baked veal
    With marinated shushan and vitello tonato sauce.
  • Signature raw pizza
    Flaxseeds and almond pizza
with cashew cheese and fresh tomato topping
  • Whole Wheat and Spirulina Pizza with basturma and mozzarella
  • Whole Wheat and Spirulina Pizza with Marinated Trout and Cream Cheese
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